Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Totally Studying This New Recipe Blog

My sister, Susannah, is such an entrepreneur (always has been, since she and her childhood best friend started "M.&S., Inc." as little girls and sold their moms' goods and groceries to the neighbors!).  Her newest venture is ingenious!  Ladies, I'm sure you've all been invited to recipe swaps or at least participated in those chain email ones... Well, Susannah turned the old fashioned recipe swap into a delicious blog!  She got sixteen of her girlfriends together and assigned them days to submit recipes to an online group she set up.  Four girls submit a recipe per week, so each group member only has to submit one recipe per month.  Then, Susannah posts the recipes to this blog.  Bam! Tons of new recipes! And now I've let you in on this secret, so add the Hendersonville Dinner Divas to your favorites and try something new for dinner tonight!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Dress Up Rack

Cinderella Annie (and Belle)

Adorable flower hooks

Finished product

My super creative mom made this "dress up rack" for my precious niece, Annie, to hang her princess dresses on. Mom saw one in a store and decided she could make one herself, and sure enough- she did! It was really very easy and all the materials came from Lowes. She took a white curtain rod and attached a finial on top. Then she screwed the bottom end into a wooden, round base that she painted white (of course, you can paint the base, rod, and finial anyway you choose). Finally, she screwed these adorable flower hooks (they are really curtain tie-back hooks) in various places on the rod. I had more pictures of the process, but I have apparently deleted them, so just enjoy these of the finished product and one of "Cinderella Annie" with her "Belle" doll on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Studying These Knobs

I'm loving these funky knobs I received from my wonderfully talented friend, Jennifer Chappell (yes, she made them)! Hang your necklaces on the knobs to keep them untangled and in eyesight to coordinate the perfect outfit; use them for hanging a towel or robe in the bathroom. Best of all, they are much more pleasing to hang on your wall than those plastic hooks! Thanks, Jenn!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Susan Powter? Can you help me?! I am eating me out of house and home! I've done pretty well this semester with my physical wellness (phrase taken from my developmental counseling class meaning diet and exercise)... well, basically I lost my appetite (or was too busy). But in the last few days I have found it! I'm not hungry, really, but food just sounds good... leftovers, desserts, salads, pizza... I'm not picky. Maybe it's the cold weather and I'm insulating my body; maybe it's that during Thanksgiving I remembered how good food is- I don't know. Whatever it is, I HAVE TO STOP before the scales start inching back up in the wrong direction.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A study in layouts

WOOHOO!!! I have been working since Sunday to get this layout thing downpat and by George I've finally got it (thanks to lots of help from dear sister)! Gosh, I took graphics and editing classes in college (I even had to make my own magazine, for goodness sake), you would think I could put a simple pre-made background on my blog, but I couldn't!
I've been sick the last couple of days (I'm never sick this much in a season- and I NEVER EVER have a fever, and I had a decent one yesterday- turns out I have strep throat), but I'm feeling somewhat better today and decided to give the blog thing another shot. After a phone call to Susannah (that was after phone calls and text messages Sunday on "how to's"), I've now got a pretty blog. Let the world go on turning. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A study in blogging

Ok, so I've joined the blogging world. I don't have a new husband or a new baby, so I can't blog about the new things I am experiencing. BUT I teach middle school, and I take night classes at the local university branch (lots of my time is spent in a school of some sort, and I love being a student of life, art...anything really; hence the blog name "A Study"), and I have a manfriend who's a football coach and fairly entertaining (he should actually be the one with the blog- he's much funnier than I), and a mom, and a dad, and a sister, and a brother, and a brother- in- law, and a neice, and friends, so I should be able to find some "humor in everyday life" to blog about!